3D Casting Miniatures Photoshoots

Welcome to Lively Treasurz, where we capture moments in time for you to treasure always with unique, long-lasting creations of your loved ones 3D hands ,feets, Miniatures, Photoshoots

3D Casting

We know how quickly our children grow and how we wish they continue to be as small and cute as they are when they are born.

Lively 3D Casting strives to capture each and every detail of your Children/Adult foot, hand impressions with exact size, shape, Skin wrinkles, Skin texture for all ages

Lively 3D Castingis is a service, its saving of our charismatic moments forever, any day you can touch your feelings to words to you and your beloved ones.

Are you looking to treaure a memory of your new tiny baby/ child/ couple/ Family? Well you have come to the right place. Lively 3D Casting can make lifetime treasure those special moments. Know More

3D Miniatures

Replica Figurine Dolls of People from Photographs. A beautiful and memorable gift to your loved ones for birthdays, weddings, anniversary, thanks-giving, homecoming and all other special occasions.

Sculptures are of the best possible quality. The greatest care is taken in all the stages of production from the initial scan through to the final 3D colour print. You and your family will be delighted with this most modern of portraits.

Lively Treasurz is an ultimate destination for your unique & personalized gifting needs. Know More


Each child wants to be uniquely celebrated by the ones that love them. To capture their individual personality. To see the memories. To feel the love.

We are so excited for you to come in and experience having your maternity, newborn, older baby and outdoor sunset family photo sessions, we know you will adore all of your photographs, for decades to come. Know More