Those first few months of life go so fast. One minute they are completely dependent upon you for every need. The next they are running away from you eager to explore everything the world has to offer.

Capture that moment in time when you were all they needed with a precious casting of their hands and feet. Our casting compounds are skin safe. They are intricate in detail with every crease and roll defined.

New Born/ Kids Casting

Baby's hand and foot castings is perfect way to capture the joy of your baby's early life and create a permanent record of how tiny and adorable those little toes and hands were. These castings will be precious today, priceless tomorrow!

Siblings Casting

Brothers and sisters have a special bond when growing up. The perfect gift for a family before their little ones grow any bigger or for a family with grown-up children about to go their separate ways in the big wide world. Memories of shared experiences, rooms, toys and clothes can be easily recalled with a 3D casting as a permanent reminder of their childhood.

Couple/ Family Hands

A holding hand sculpture is a simple, truly unique and symbolic way of displaying the bond and affection between loved ones. A perfect gift for Wedding, Anniversaries or just show your loved ones, how much you love them!

These castings reflect the true meaning of a family bond. Bringing family members together to experience a great way to capture those special memories. These family casting frames will be a great addition to your walls!

Most Popular Packages

  • 1 hand 1 Feet With Frame, Pic, Name Plaque

  • 2 Hands 2 Feets with Frame, Pic, Name Plaque

  • Couple / Family Hands Casting

  • BeSpoke Customized Design